How to reset Comms at 100% SOC

Modified on Tue, 30 Aug 2022 at 03:42 PM

Please may you kindly try the following,

Please check all the batteries are at the same level of charge and the dip switch settings are correct. If the batteries are not at the same SOC please charge each battery up individually as described below. If the batteries are at the same voltage and dip switches done correctly you may leave the batteries connected in parallel and kindly follow the instructions below.

1) Disconnect the CAN comms cable.
2) Change the battery type o the inverter to AGM V.
3) Please input the Float, Bulk and equalization Voltage at 53,6Vdc.
4) Please set the Low Voltage to 44Vdc.
5) Kindly charge up battery until the inverter stops charging the battery at 53.6Vdc, this may take some time as the battery will do a cell balance at full voltage.
6) Once inverter has stopped charging, kindly reconnect your CAN cable and go back into your inverter battery menu and activate the Lithium settings and CAN communications.

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