Which is better LiFePO4 vs lithium-ion battery?

Modified on Thu, 06 Jul 2023 at 09:05 AM

The LiFePO4 battery has the edge over lithium-ion, both in terms of cycle life (lasts 4 - 5 times longer), as well as safety. This is a key advantage because lithium-ion batteries can overheat and even catch fire, while LiFePO4 does not.

Prismatic cells have a longer cycle life, are less dangerous, and come at a low cost compared to cylindrical cells. 

Overall, due to the different manufacturing processes, the cylindrical type will have slightly more cycles than the prismatic LiFePO4 cell. Cylindrical cells will be heavier because most of them have steel shells. Prismatic cells are lighter because most of them use stainless steel and aluminum shells. 

LiFePO4 batteries can be continually discharged to 100% DOD and there is no long-term effect. However, we recommend you only discharge down to 80% to maintain battery life. 

Whereas, as for the lithium-ion battery, you must apply a partial charge and discharge method which will reduce stress and prolong battery life. It is recommended to avoid full cycles and stay between 100% and 50% DoD (0-50% SoC). Recommended (20% bottom balance and 100% top balance)

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