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Communication problems:
 CAN bus. This is used to send BMS instructions relating to chr parameters to the inverter.
These can come from either the BMS itself or preferably a Cloudlink (but not both).

o Firstly there are NO known software issues that affect communication between
Sunsynk and Hubble battery CAN bus or Sunsynk and Cloudlink CAN bus.

o If you have CAN bus communication problems then it is hardware (ie cable) related

o When connecting the battery CAN bus directly to the sunsynk makes sure that the
CAN bus from the Master battery is used and that the MASTER has been setup
properly (ie DIP SW configuration)

o When connecting the Cloudlink CAN bus directly to the sunsynk, make sure that
RS232 is setup (in config mode or remote console) for and physically connected to
the master battery. Make sure that CAN bust is setup (in config mode or remote
console) to connect to the inverter and that the CAN bus is physically going to the
INV only. Sometimes customers make the mistake of connecting both Cloudlink and
Battery CAN bus to the inverter.

o Make sure that the CAN bus cable only uses the required pins (pin 4 and pin 5).

 If communication still does not work try to connect GND.

 On the Battery GND is on pin 2.

 On the inverter GND is on pin 2 for a 5 and 8kw but on pin 6 for a 12kW

 Cloudlink GND is on both pin 2 and 6 so you can use either.

 RS485. This is used only by the CLoudlink and it is used to collect data from the inverter and
sent it to the portal.

o This works most of the time. There are NO known issues that affect all sunsynk
inverters. There are a few know problems listed blow but these are not true for all

o Make sure that the RS485 bus cable only uses the required pins (pin 7 and pin 8) this
is true for all sunsynk inverter models.

 DO not use GND for R485

 On the 5 and 8kw INV the RS485 and CAN bus are on a separate RJ45

 On the 12kw INV the RS485 and CAN bus are on the same RJ45 connector.

 Special care is needed when connecting multiple inverters in parallel (refer
to installation guide)

o There are some sunsynk firmware versions where the RS485 is not working as
expected. Please make sure that the inv firmware is up to date.

o When using a cloudlink and the cables are correct, the inv firmware is up to date and
the RS485 communication is still not working please let RnD know about the site.
Please include the following information in your email to RnD

 Inverter firmware versions and model number

 Cloudlink firmware version and Cloudlink number

 There are no know fixes for these problematic sites and RnD will need to
investigate. Note this is not a common problem and very unlikely so please
try to resolve the matter before you pass it on to RnD.

o There is a list of Cloudlinks (the first few units produced) which do not have the
necessary Hardware to support RS485 connections. If a client has a device from this
list and he needs RS485, they can send their cloud link in for a free upgrade.

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